A Kentucky Christmas

This week I’m in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky for Christmas.  While I never used to think of Kentucky as much of a travel destination, I’ve recently been hearing of an increasing number of travelers frequenting the area, be it as a full vacation or as part of a Southern road trip.  So, for once, I can speak as a true local and tell you what’s best to do and see in Kentucky because really there’s A LOT.

Here’s my top 10 for Kentucky (and as a local, I obviously know everything):

1. A Day at the Races — Every April and October, Keeneland Racetrack opens for the horse races, and it really represents Kentucky at its finest.  From the clubhouse to the grounds, Keeneland is absolutely beautiful and worth a trip if you’re around in either month.

Keeneland Racetrack

Keeneland Racetrack

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