Does Anyone Still Call it Beantown?

Last weekend, I headed to Boston to visit some of my nearest and dearest friends who recently moved there from across the pond (the Southern half of the pond to be specific).  I haven’t been to Boston since high school, and I couldn’t remember too much about it.  Also, to be honest, the under-21 experience in a city is always pretty different from when you’re an adult (am I an adult?!) …maybe we’ll just say post-21 experience).

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My friends now live in trendy Back Bay, just South of Newbury Street, known for its amazing shopping.  Newbury Street is kind of like a chill, casual Fifth Avenue if that makes any sense.  Actually, I got the vibe that all of Boston is like a chill New York.  It’s much smaller in terms of population, but it’s got everything you might look for–great shopping, pro sports, a beautiful river, and loads of great restaurants and bars.  Plus, the T is an adorable, miniature version of the subway — now I know that’s hard to picture.

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