Disneyland for Adults: Napa Valley

Unfortunately, Disneyland took the slogan first, but Napa Valley may be the true “Greatest Place on Earth” ….at least for adults. To be fair, I don’t think kids would appreciate it in the same way because a lot of my love for Napa comes from the wine.

Actually though, Napa has more to offer than just wine.  Granted, it does have over 300 wineries just in the Napa Valley (so that doesn’t even count Sonoma or the coast), but it also is home to some fantastic restaurants (including quite a few Michelin stars I might add), and some pretty amazing hotels and spas. Keep reading, I shall explain.

Biking Through Napa Valley

Biking through Napa Valley

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Don’t Blink! San Francisco

I keep hearing about people moving out to San Francisco from New York for a breath of fresh air and a Cali perspective.  So, on my quick visit out there, I had high expectations.  I love living in New York, but I’m not immune to its downfalls. Being that it’s summer, the smelliness of the city is starting to set in as the temperatures soar.  And, don’t get me started on the subway in summer time–whoever invents a portable shower you can use after your subway journey in July will be a millionaire.  But, then again, there’s nothing like a rooftop bar on a Friday afternoon in NYC.  Anyway, I figured San Francisco would have to offer a lot to compete.

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