Discovering Hiking in Arenal, Costa Rica

This month I’ve been on a bit of a travel binge (I know — how very unlike me!), but now I’m back home and ready to report. First on the agenda: United Airlines’ planes are kind of gross. I made the horrendous mistake of visiting the “lavatories” with my shoes off, and my feet may never feel clean ever again.  I recognize that common sense should have told me better, but I was mid-way through a five hour flight and obviously a bit discombobulated.

More importantly, this dirty-bathroomed plane was carrying me to Costa Rica for a week of adventure and rain sun with J.  We spread our 8 days across three popular Costa Rican destinations, so to ensure that I cover each in adequate detail, I’ll discuss each separately (so look out for future blog posts….I knowwww how exciting!).

Arenal Volcano -- far more impressive when not shrouded by clouds

Arenal Volcano — far more impressive when not shrouded by clouds

Our three destinations were Arenal Volcano/La Fortuna, Monteverde, and Manuel Antonio National Park. Costa Rica is a great baby step into Central and South America. It’s super easy to travel around and almost everyone speaks English. Basically, the infrastructure for tourism is very advanced.  The downside of the built up tourism industry in Costa Rica is that it’s not as cheap as you might expect.  That being said, it still such an amazing place to visit.

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