New Year, New Resolutions and This Time I’m Keeping Them!

I’ve never been great at keeping resolutions, but this year I’m really motivated.  2013 was a year of pretty epic change for me.  I settled into adulthood with my first (and second) grown-up job, I moved countries (and continents), rented an apartment in New York City (the most difficult thing in the world) and somehow found time to start a travel blog.

I’ve thought a lot about what I want out of 2014, and besides never moving in this city again, here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. Travel More: I figure this one is pretty obvious, but also I want to be more creative with my experiences.  Living in Europe made me spoiled.  Every two hour (cheappp) flight was a new country, a new language and a totally new experience.  But moving back to the US, I’m not as excited to travel.  I need to change my attitude, since I’ve still got approximately 20 states left I’ve never even been to! It may not be a new country or a new language, but every state is different and worth a visit.  So, my resolution is really to make every place I go to an adventure. Because even if it’s just down the road, you’ve got to travel to get there!

2. Be More Selfish: I know this sounds weird, but I’ve actually always been kind of bad at this.  I worry too much about what others might want or need, even in situations where making one choice isn’t really going to be very good for me. But I make that choice anyway.  So, whether it’s choosing to take that trip I can’t really afford for a long weekend because it’s going to make me happy or just making my friends go to my restaurant of choice, I’m going to be more selfish (sometimes) in 2014!

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