Valentine’s Day in the Country – Style Guide

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What’s your hubbie/boyfriend/that one-night stand who won’t stop texting you planning? Suppose he decides that this year, instead of the standard dinner/drinks routine, you guys should rent a cabin upstate and spend the long weekend taking country walks, cooking and getting a little cozy cozy in front of the fire just the two of you – adorable right?! But how in the world do you dress for such an event? You need warm clothes that are laid-back and comfortable (stilettos and country walks do not mix).

So, here’s a guide to help you look great on your Valentine’s Day country escape without seeming like you tried too hard (nobody likes a high maintenance girl, right? …although we all are a little bit, or is that just me).

Valentine's Day

1 – Hunter Wellies, Saks Fifth Avenue – 2 – Love Sweater, Chinti & Parker – 3 – Statement Necklace, JCrew – 4 – Gold Watch, Burberry – 5 – Loafer Flats, Chiara Ferragni – 6 – Baseball Hat, JCrew – 7 – Skinny Jeans, Rag and Bone – 8 – Wax Cotton Jacket, Barbour – 9 – Heart Scarf, Burberry – 10 – Handbag, Chloe – 11 – Knee Socks, Cole Haan


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